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common, and there is little harm in overspecifying it.
+.. index:: license
+:Source: QA
+:Reported: no
+The ``LICENSE`` variable must explicitly list licenses for all files
+installed by the package. If some of the applicable licenses are
+conditional to USE flags, appropriate USE conditionals need to
+be expressed in the variable.
+If a package bundles any dependencies that are either installed,
+statically linked or in any other way combined with installed files,
+the licenses of these dependencies need to be listed as well. This
+is not presently required when statically linking to dependencies
+installed by separate packages in the repository.
+The licenses for files that are not installed but that are used at build
+time are not listed explicitly.
+*Rationale*: the primary purpose of the license support in the package
+manager is to provide the users with ability to decide on acceptable
+licenses for their installed systems (and binary packages). In order
+for this to work effectively, the packages must provide a correct
+and complete license list.
+Static linking combines code from multiple packages, potentially covered
+by different licenses. Listing all licenses is the simplest way
+of ensuring that nothing is missed, as well as protecting against wrong
+derivative work licenses stated upstream (i.e. when a less restrictively
+licensed package links to a more restrictively licensed dependency).
+Listing of licenses is enforced for bundled dependencies but not for
+static linking to other packages, as in the latter case it is
+non-trivial to implement and the package manager already verifies
+the license while building dependencies (but not when installing binary
+The ebuild format does not provide a separate variable to list licenses
+needed only at build time. So far it has not been considered important
+enough to have one, as the relevant files exist only temporarily
+on the user's system and do not affect the runtime use of packages.
+.. Note::
+ Please remember to include the licenses of support files provided
+ by the ebuild, e.g. init.d scripts (usually GPL-2).
.. _metadata invariance: