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+.. index::
+ single: homepage; meaningful value
+ pair: homepage;
+HOMEPAGE value must be meaningful
+:Source: QA
+:Reported: known bad values are reported by pkgcheck
+The HOMEPAGE specified for the package should either be dedicated
+to the package in question or make it easy to find dedicated
+information. Packages must not use ````
+or a similar generic homepage. If no homepage is available, the special
+value of ```` must be used.
+*Rationale*: The homepage specified in ebuilds is normally used to
+locate information about the upstream project, e.g. downloads, source
+code repository, bug tracker, documentation. Homepages that make it
+hard to locate information about a specific project have little value,
+and the Gentoo homepage generally does not do a good job at linking even
+major Gentoo projects. Furthermore, many of the projects did not even
+have a single dedicated subpage anywhere in Gentoo web space. In all
+those cases, using the explicit No_homepage marker at least makes it
+easy to identify such packages.
.. _metadata invariance: