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by the Council but no reference implementation has been written.
+.. index:: dependency; = with no revision
+=-dependencies with no revision
+:Source: QA
+:Reported: by repoman and pkgcheck
+Whenever a non-wildcard ``=`` (equals) dependency is used on a package,
+the requested revision must be specified explicitly. When the zeroth
+revision is requested, ``-r0`` must be used. When no specific revision
+is necessary, the ``~`` (tilde) operator must be used instead.
+ # BAD:
+ =dev-libs/libfrobnicate-1.2.3
+ # GOOD:
+ =dev-libs/libfrobnicate-1.2.3-r0
+ =dev-libs/libfrobnicate-1.2.3-r3
+ ~dev-libs/libfrobnicate-1.2.3
+*Rationale*: using ``=`` operator in place of ``~`` to mean a specific
+version has been a common mistake. This policy uses the fact that
+no revision and explicit ``-r0`` are equivalent. By explicitly
+requesting the latter, it warns developers to reconsider whether they
+used the correct operator.
.. index::
pair: slot/subslot; dependency