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Policy making, changing, appealing
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@@ -64,9 +64,25 @@ Finally, in case of repeated unwillingness to follow policies, the QA
team can issue disciplinary measures against the developer in question.
+Policy making, changes and appeals
+The majority of policies are written down and maintained by the `QA
+team`_. Other Gentoo projects also create policies that affect their
+specific areas of contributions (e.g. `systemd project`_ created
+policies related to installing systemd unit files).
+Each policy listed in this document indicates the body maintaining it.
+In order to change or abolish the policy, that team should be contacted.
+If the project in question disagrees with the change, `QA team`_ can be
+asked to override the policy. All QA decisions and policies can further
+be appealed to the Council_.
.. _repoman:
.. _pkgcheck:
.. _Gentoo CI:
.. _gentoo-automated-testing:
.. _QA team:
.. _GLEP 48:
+.. _systemd project:
+.. _Council: