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Basic filesystem bits
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+File system layout
+.. index:: file system; installation paths
+Installation paths
+:Source: QA
+:Reported: via install-qa-check.d
+Gentoo packages may only install into one of the following top-level
+.. hlist::
+ :columns: 5
+ - /bin
+ - /boot
+ - /dev
+ - /etc
+ - /lib*
+ - /opt
+ - /sbin
+ - /srv
+ - /usr
+ - /var
+Furthermore, only the following subdirectories of /usr are permitted:
+.. hlist::
+ :columns: 4
+ - /usr/bin
+ - /usr/include
+ - /usr/lib*
+ - /usr/libexec
+ - /usr/sbin
+ - /usr/share
+ - /usr/src
+ - /usr/<triplet>
+Furthermore, within /usr/share/doc hierarchy only a subdirectory named
+after full package name and version with revision (PF) is permitted.
+In the aforementioned lists, 'lib*' indicates lib and its appropriate
+suffixed variants for the architecture in question. '<triplet>'
+indicates either CHOST or CTARGET value, as used by toolchain packages.
+Additional exceptions can be granted by the QA team. Currently those
+exceptions are:
+- /gnu for the guix package manager
+- /nix for the nix package manager
+.. TODO:: rationale
+.. index:: file system; multilib-strict
+Strict multilib layout
+:Source: QA
+:Reported: via install-qa-check.d, fatal
+Libraries must be installed into an appropriate /lib* or /usr/lib*
+directory corresponding to their ABI. For example, 64-bit libraries
+on amd64 must be installed into lib64 and not lib.
+Libraries installed as a part of larger software package can be
+installed along with it into a subdirectory of lib.
+*Rationale*: historically, Gentoo has been symlinking /lib to /lib64
+in order to maintain compatibility with old packages hardcoding /lib
+path. With modern Gentoo profiles, this is no longer the case
+and packages must install libraries into appropriate directory for them
+to be correctly found by the dynamic loader.
+.. index:: file system; static library
+.. index:: file system; libtool file
+Static libraries and libtool files
+:Source: QA
+:Reported: via install-qa-check.d, fatal
+Static libraries and libtool files (.la) must be installed into /usr
+hierarchy and never to root filesystem (/lib*). If an additional shared
+version of the library is installed to /lib*, a .so linker script must
+be installed into /usr/lib* in order to ensure correct linking.
+*Rationale*: historically, the purpose of root filesystem was to hold
+files strictly needed at boot. For this reason, many old Gentoo
+installations may still use small / partition. Static libraries are
+used only during package builds, and installing them to rootfs would
+be a waste of space.