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@@ -31,11 +31,13 @@ This is especially important for packages that take long time to build.
.. index::
- pair: slot; dependency
- pair: subslot; dependency
+ pair: slot/subslot; dependency
Slot and subslot dependencies
+on (sub-)slotted packages
:Source: QA
:Reported: by repoman and pkgcheck
@@ -64,5 +66,36 @@ means 'verified that any slot is acceptable'.
to the newest package version available.
+.. index::
+ pair: slot/subslot; Qt
+special case: Qt packages
+:Source: Qt project
+:Reported: no
+The Qt packages use subslots in an uncommon way. The public ABI of Qt
+libraries is stable within each slot, and the subslot is used to refer
+to private ABI. Therefore, the ``:=`` operator must only be used
+if your package uses one of the private API parts, and plain ``:5``
+or likewise dependency must be used otherwise.
+proactive use of slot operators
+There is an open debate on whether developers should be proactively
+adding ``:=`` slot operators on packages that do not define subslots
+Proponents of the idea point out that adding slot operators to reverse
+dependencies after the package becomes slotted is cumbersome and usually
+results in losing the subslot rebuild opportunity at least once. They
+argue that in many cases the future use of subslots is reasonably
+Opponents claim that the future use of subslots is not 100% predictable.
+They point out the case of Qt packages as an example.
.. _GLEP 62:
.. _Paludis:
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Other metadata variables
-.. index:: slot; dynamic
+.. index:: slot/subslot; dynamic
.. index:: USE flags; multislot
Dynamic slots (multislot flag)