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installations may still use small / partition. Static libraries are
used only during package builds, and installing them to rootfs would
be a waste of space.
+.. index::
+ pair: file system; games
+Game install locations and ownership
+:Source: Council, clarified by QA
+:Reported: via install-qa-check.d
+The historical game install locations (/usr/games and /etc/games) must
+not be used anymore. Instead, games should follow normal guidelines
+for install locations. As an exception, /usr/share/games can be used
+if this location is used upstream, and /var/games can be used for shared
+game files (e.g. high scores, game state files).
+The historical games group must no longer be used. Games must work
+for users that are not in this group. The aforementioned install
+locations must therefore be owned by root and be world-readable.
+If games need privileged access to shared files, the group gamestat
+can be used for this purpose. The game executables should be owned
+by that group and made setgid. The shared files must be installed
+into /var/games hierarchy, and writable to gamestat group.
+*Rationale*: there is no technical reason to isolate games from other
+applications on the system, or to restrict access to them. The boundary
+between game and non-game packages is very blurry on modern systems,
+especially due to web browsers.
+The historical use of games group on Gentoo to control access is
+inconsistent with the use in other distributions where it was used to
+share data files. Since the latter implied users must not be added
+to the games group, a new group (gamestat) needed to be created to
+fulfill that purpose.