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Remove the list of FEATURES descriptions from make.conf.example and replace
it with a reference to the make.conf(5) man page. svn path=/main/trunk/; revision=11305
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diff --git a/cnf/make.conf b/cnf/make.conf
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--- a/cnf/make.conf
+++ b/cnf/make.conf
@@ -236,61 +236,11 @@
# packages. Do not use it unless absolutely necessary!
-# FEATURES are settings that affect the functionality of portage. Most of
-# these settings are for developer use, but some are available to non-
-# developers as well.
-# 'buildpkg' causes binary packages to be created of all packages that
-# are being merged.
-# 'buildsyspkg' only build binary packages for system packages.
-# 'ccache' enable support for the dev-util/ccache package, which can
-# noticably decrease the time needed to remerge previously built
-# packages.
-# 'collision-protect'
-# prevents packages from overwriting files that are owned by
-# another package or by no package at all.
-# 'distcc' enables distcc support via CC.
-# 'distlocks' enables distfiles locking using fcntl or hardlinks. This
-# is enabled by default. Tools exist to help clean the locks
-# after crashes: /usr/lib/portage/bin/clean_locks.
-# 'installsources'
-# Install source code into /usr/src/debug/${CATEGORY}/${PF}
-# (also see 'splitdebug'). This feature works only if debugedit
-# is installed and CFLAGS is set to include debug information
-# (such as with the -ggdb flag).
-# 'test' causes ebuilds to perform testing phases if they are capable
-# of it. Some packages support this automatically via makefiles.
-# 'metadata-transfer'
-# automatically perform a metadata transfer when `emerge --sync`
-# is run.
-# 'noauto' causes ebuild to perform only the action requested and
-# not any other required actions like clean or unpack -- for
-# debugging purposes only.
-# 'nostrip' prevents the stripping of binaries.
-# 'notitles' disables xterm titlebar updates (which contain status info).
-# 'parallel-fetch'
-# do fetching in parallel to compilation
-# 'preserve-libs'
-# keep libraries around that would normally removed by an upgrade,
-# but are still needed by other packages
-# 'sandbox' enables sandboxing when running emerge and ebuild.
-# 'splitdebug' Prior to stripping ELF etdyn and etexec files, the debugging
-# info is stored for later use by various debuggers. This
-# feature is disabled by 'nostrip'. For installation of source
-# code, see 'installsources'.
-# 'strict' causes portage to react strongly to conditions that are
-# potentially dangerous, like missing/incorrect Manifest files.
-# 'stricter' causes portage to react strongly to conditions that may
-# conflict with system security provisions (for example
-# textrels, executable stacks).
-# 'userfetch' when portage is run as root, drop privileges to
-# portage:portage during the fetching of package sources.
-# 'userpriv' allows portage to drop root privileges while it is compiling,
-# as a security measure. As a side effect this can remove
-# sandbox access violations for users.
-# 'usersandbox' enables sandboxing while portage is running under userpriv.
-#FEATURES="sandbox buildpkg ccache distcc userpriv usersandbox notitles noauto"
-#FEATURES="sandbox ccache distcc distlocks"
+# FEATURES defines actions portage takes by default. This is an incremental
+# variable. See the make.conf(5) man page for a complete list of supported
+# values and their respective meanings.
+#FEATURES="ccache collision-protect distcc installsources \
+# splitdebug test userpriv usersandbox"
# CCACHE_SIZE and CCACHE_DIR are used to control the behavior of ccache, and
# and are only used if "ccache" is in FEATURES.
diff --git a/man/make.conf.5 b/man/make.conf.5
index f6b4b85d..0eee4cd7 100644
--- a/man/make.conf.5
+++ b/man/make.conf.5
@@ -143,10 +143,10 @@ Contains additional options that \fBeconf\fR will append to configure
script arguments (see \fBebuild\fR(5)).
\fBFEATURES\fR = \fI"sandbox ccache"\fR
-Defines actions portage takes by default. These options should
-not be changed by anyone but developers and/or maintainers. 'sandbox' is an important
-part of \fBFEATURES\fR and should not be disabled by default. This is
-an incremental variable.
+Defines actions portage takes by default. This is an incremental variable.
+Most of these settings are for developer use, but some are available to
+non-developers as well. The \fBsandbox\fR feature is very important and
+should not be disabled by default.
.B assume\-digests