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* Namespace sanitizing: move all portage related code into portage.* namespace,
rename portage_foo modules to (but keep symlinks for compability)
* Add support for news items (GLEP 42)
+* Add FEATURES=protect-owned which is identical to the collision-protect
+ feature except that files may be overwritten if they are not explicitly
+ listed in the contents of a currently installed package.
+* For extra careful dependency handling, emerge has a new --complete-graph
+ option that causes it to consider the deep dependencies of all packages from
+ the system and world sets. With this option enabled, emerge will bail out
+ if it determines that the given operation will break any dependencies of
+ the packages that have been added to the graph. Unlike the --deep option,
+ the --complete-graph option does not cause any more packages to be updated
+ than would have otherwise been updated with the option disabled.
* Blockers are now resolved automatically in many more cases
than before. When it's safe, blocked packages are uninstalled
automatically so that users are no longer inconvenienced with the