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@@ -3,6 +3,15 @@ News (mainly features/major bug fixes)
+* Add link level dependency awareness to emerge --depclean and --prune actions
+ in order to protect against uninstallation of required libraries.
+ packages in the same way, and also drops any masked packages.
+* Add license visibility filtering (GLEP 23)
+* Add support for generic package sets (also see RELEASE-NOTES)
* Add support for a new EAPI="2" value. For more information about new EAPI
features, refer to the "Ebuild" chapter of the html documentation that is
installed with portage.
@@ -25,11 +34,7 @@ portage-2.2
as a decent substitute for module-rebuild.
* Namespace sanitizing: move all portage related code into portage.* namespace,
rename portage_foo modules to (but keep symlinks for compability)
-* Add license visibility filtering (GLEP 23)
-* Experimental support for preserving old library files on package upgrades
- based on FEATURES=preserve-libs
* Add support for news items (GLEP 42)
-* Add support for generic package sets (also see RELEASE-NOTES)