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+Release Notes for portage-2.2_pre1
+New features / Major changes
+* elog framework: This finally adds a flexible way to log all einfo, ewarn and
+ eerror messages as well as adding a new elog command for ebuilds. New ebuilds
+ should use elog instead of einfo for delivering important information as
+ einfo messages will not be logged by default. [genone]
+* elog modules: Together with the framework some basic modules implementing
+ common logging facilities are shipped, these include:
+ - mod_syslog for relaying messages to syslog
+ - mod_mail for sending messages to a predefined mail adress
+ - mod_save for saving messages to a file
+ - mod_custom for processing messages with a custom command
+ NOTE: The elog interfaces are still subject to change, so don't rely on the
+ exact format yet. [genone]
+* version syntax enhancements: The version parsing and comparison code was
+ completely rewritten and now supports two extensions to previous versions:
+ - a cvs prefix to denote live cvs (or svn or any other vcs) ebuilds, so now
+ you can have a package foo with the ebuilds foo-1.ebuild and
+ foo-cvs.1.ebuild in the same directory. cvs ebuilds will always be
+ ranked higher than any non-cvs ebuild.
+ - multiple suffixes now allow for constructions like foo-1.0_pre1_rc5
+ Also the new code is now separated into its own module
+ with no dependencies on the main portage module. [genone]
+* recursive config files: Most of the config files in /etc/portage can now
+ also be directories, if they are then portage will recursively use all
+ files in them. So you could have /etc/portage/package.keywords/kde/base
+ and /etc/portage/package.keywords/gnome instead of a single package.keywords.
+ This applies to the following files:
+ - package.keywords
+ - package.mask
+ - package.unmask
+ - package.use
+ - mirrors
+ [genone]
+Bug fixes / Minor Changes
+* Removal of "masked by -*" message [genone]
+* Fixed some minor screwup in the sort algorithm for versions [genone]