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Sync make.conf.example with make.conf.5 for bug #220111.
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# DISTDIR is where all of the source code tarballs will be placed for
-# emerges. The source code is maintained here unless you delete
-# it. The entire repository of tarballs for Gentoo is 9G. This is
-# considerably more than any user will ever download. 2-3G is
-# a large DISTDIR. Note that locations under /usr/portage are not
-# necessarily safe for data storage. See the PORTDIR documentation
-# for more information.
+# emerges. After packages are built, it is safe to remove any and
+# all files from this directory since they will be automatically
+# fetched on demand for a given build. If you would like to
+# selectively prune obsolete files from this directory, see
+# eclean from the gentoolkit package.
# PKGDIR is the location of binary packages that you can have created