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Update FEATURES docs for 'assume-digests' and 'digest'. Thanks to robbat2 for reporting.
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@@ -116,7 +116,9 @@ an incremental variable.
.B assume-digests
When commiting work to cvs with \fBrepoman\fR(1), assume that all existing
-SRC_URI digests are correct.
+SRC_URI digests are correct. This feature also affects digest generation via
+\fBebuild\fR(1) and \fBemerge\fR(1) (emerge generates digests only when the
+\fIdigest\fR feature is enabled).
.B autoaddcvs
Causes portage to automatically try to add files to cvs that will have to be added
@@ -143,7 +145,9 @@ A feature for developers that causes portage to enable all USE flags in SRC_URI
when creating digests.
.B digest
-Autogenerate a digest for packages.
+Autogenerate digests for packages when running the \fBemerge\fR(1) command. If
+the \fIassume-digests\fR feature is also enabled then existing SRC_URI digests
+will be reused whenever they are available.
.B distcc
Enable portage support for the distcc package.