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parentMake sure that portageq exits quietly when killed, like emerge does. (diff)
some INSTALL_MASK docs by compnerd
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@@ -281,6 +281,12 @@ These vars are used if the sources must be downloaded from the
internet by \fBwget\fR(1). They are only required if you use a
proxy server for internet access.
+\fBINSTALL_MASK\fR = \fI[space delimited list of file names]\fR
+Use this variable if you want to selectively prevent certain files from being
+copied into your file system tree. This does not work on symlinks, but only on
+actual files. Useful if you wish to filter out files like HACKING.gz and
Use this variable if you want to use parallel make. For example, if you
have a dual\-processor system, set this variable to "\-j2" or "\-j3" for
@@ -419,6 +425,7 @@ Please report bugs via
Daniel Robbins <>
Nicholas Jones <>
Mike Frysinger <>
+Saleem Abdulrasool <>