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Clean up/sync docs for emerge --sync, and add a note about PORTAGE_SYNC_STALE.
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matched as regular expressions.
.BR \-\-sync
-Initiates a portage tree update with one of the
-mirrors. \fBNote that any changes you have made to the portage
-tree will be erased\fR. Except for special circumstances,
-this uses \fBrsync\fR to do the update. See \fBmake.conf\fR(5)'s
-description of PORTDIR_OVERLAY for a method to avoid deletions.
+This updates the portage tree that is located in the
+directory that the PORTDIR variable refers to (default
+location is /usr/portage). The SYNC variable specifies
+the remote URI from which files will be synchronized.
+The \fBPORTAGE_SYNC_STALE\fR variable configures
+warnings that are shown when emerge \-\-sync has not
+been executed recently.
+The emerge \-\-sync action will modify and/or delete
+files located inside the directory that the PORTDIR
+variable refers to (default location is /usr/portage).
+For more information, see the PORTDIR documentation in
+the make.conf(5) man page.
+The \fBemerge\-webrsync\fR program will download the entire
+portage tree as a tarball, which is much faster than emerge
+\-\-sync for first time syncs.
.BR "\-\-unmerge " (\fB\-C\fR)
\fBWARNING: This action can remove important packages!\fR Removes