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parentFactor the --tree code out of depgraph.display(). (diff)
Add a --unordered-display option for use with --tree. This allows the display
to be optimized differently since the merge order is not preserved. Thanks to Sebastian Mingramm (few) for the initial patch. svn path=/main/trunk/; revision=14703
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diff --git a/man/emerge.1 b/man/emerge.1
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@@ -226,6 +226,12 @@ system. Its arguments can be \fIatoms\fR or
\fIebuilds\fR. For a dependency aware version of \fB\-\-unmerge\fR,
use \fB\-\-depclean\fR or \fB\-\-prune\fR.
+.BR "\-\-unordered-display "
+By default the displayed merge list is sorted using the order in
+which the packages will be merged. When \fB\-\-tree\fR is used together
+with this option, this constraint is removed, hopefully leading to a
+more readable dependency tree.
.BR "\-\-update " (\fB\-u\fR)
Updates packages to the best version available, which may not always be the
highest version number due to masking for testing and development.