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parentFix dep_transform breakage (regression from r4596). (diff)
For bug #140021, remove autoaddcvs from the docs. Thanks to exg for this patch.
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@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ is specified.
Defines whether or not to ignore short pauses that occur when displaying
important informational messages. This variable is unset by default.
-\fBFEATURES\fR = \fI"sandbox ccache autoaddcvs"\fR
+\fBFEATURES\fR = \fI"sandbox ccache"\fR
Defines actions portage takes by default. These options should
not be changed by anyone but developers and/or maintainers. 'sandbox' is an important
part of \fBFEATURES\fR and should not be disabled by default. This is
@@ -124,11 +124,6 @@ SRC_URI digests are correct. This feature also affects digest generation via
\fBebuild\fR(1) and \fBemerge\fR(1) (emerge generates digests only when the
\fIdigest\fR feature is enabled).
-.B autoaddcvs
-Causes portage to automatically try to add files to cvs that will have to be added
-later. Done at generation times and only works when \fIcvs\fR is also in
.B buildpkg
Binary packages will be created for all packages that are merged.