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Document RESTRICT="confcache" and add a reference econf in the FEATURES="confcache" docs.
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@@ -318,6 +318,9 @@ This should be a space delimited list of portage features to restrict.
Disable all QA checks for binaries (do not use without very good reason). See
the \fBQA CONTROL VARIABLES\fR section for more specific exemptions.
+.I confcache
+Prevent econf from using confcache.
.I fetch
like \fImirror\fR but the files will not be fetched via \fBSRC_URI\fR either.
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@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ ${PORTAGE_TMPDIR}/ccache (with \fIuserpriv\fR) and to /root/.ccache otherwise.
.B confcache
Enable confcache support; global configure caching, speeds up autotool based configure
+calls via the econf helper function. See \fBebuild\fR(5) for more information.
.B collision\-protect
A QA\-feature to ensure that a package doesn't overwrite files it doesn't own.