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Benno Schulenberg writes in #136818: changes the wording of the "set" parameter to be similar to its neighbours.
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@@ -47,14 +47,14 @@ A \fItbz2file\fR must be a valid .tbz2 created with \fBebuild
[category/]<package>\fR or \fBquickpkg /var/db/pkg/<category>/<package>\fR.
.BR set
-Package sets are a convenient shorthand for large groups of
+A \fIset\fR is a convenient shorthand for a large group of
packages. Two sets are currently supported: \fBsystem\fR
and \fBworld\fR. \fBsystem\fR refers to a set of packages
deemed necessary for your system to run properly. \fBworld\fR
-contains all of the packages in \fBsystem\fR, along with any
+contains all the packages in \fBsystem\fR, plus any
other packages listed in \fB/var/lib/portage/world\fR. [See
-\fBFILES\fR below for more information.] Note that these
-commands are generally used in conjunction with \fB\-\-update\fR.
+\fBFILES\fR below for more information.] Note that a \fIset\fR
+is generally used in conjunction with \fB\-\-update\fR.
.BR dependency
A \fIdependency\fR describes bounds on a package that you wish to install.