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Document greedy atoms for the --update option.
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@@ -184,8 +184,9 @@ system. Its arguments can be \fIebuilds\fR, \fIsets\fR, or
.BR "\-\-update " (\fB\-u\fR)
Updates packages to the best version available, which may not always be the
highest version number due to masking for testing and development. This will
-also update direct dependencies which may not be what you want. In general,
-use this option only in combination with the world or system target.
+also update direct dependencies which may not be what you want. Package atoms
+specified on the command line are greedy, meaning that unspecific atoms may
+match multiple installed versions of slotted packages.
.BR "\-\-version " (\fB\-V\fR)
Displays the version number of \fBemerge\fR.