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Revert patch for r3426 for bug 134466 and add warnings to docs.
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@@ -197,6 +197,10 @@ in the same format as when using \fB\-\-pretend\fR; then ask whether to
continue with the merge or abort. Using \fB\-\-ask\fR is more efficient than
using \fB\-\-pretend\fR and then executing the same command without
\fB\-\-pretend\fR, as dependencies will only need to be calculated once.
+\fBWARNING: If the "Enter" key is pressed at the prompt (with no other input),
+it is interpreted as acceptance of the first choice. Note that the input
+buffer is not cleared prior to the prompt, so an accidental press of the
+"Enter" key at any time prior to the prompt will be interpreted as a choice!\fR
.BR "\-\-buildpkg " (\fB\-b\fR)
Tells emerge to build binary packages for all ebuilds processed in