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Add some documentation for /etc/portage/modules and metadata_overlay.
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.BR /etc/portage/
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If needed, this file can be used to set up a special environment for ebuilds,
different from the standard root environment. The syntax is the same as for
any other bash script.
+.BR modules
+This file can be used to override the metadata cache implementation. In
+practice, portdbapi.auxdbmodule is the only variable that the user will want to
+.I Example:
+portdbapi.auxdbmodule = cache.metadata_overlay.database
+The metadata_overlay cache module makes it possible to disable
+FEATURES="metadata-transfer" in \fBmake.conf\fR(5). When the user initially
+enables metadata_overlay in /etc/portage/modules, all of the cache files
+contained in /var/cache/edb/dep/${PORTDIR} must be manually removed in order
+to avoid unecessary cache regeneration. In addition, users of the
+metadata_overlay module must never modify eclasses in ${PORTDIR} because
+portage will not be able to detect that cache regeneration is necessary. If
+the user would like to modify eclasses, it is safe to use metadata_overlay
+together with PORTDIR_OVERLAY in \fBmake.conf\fR.
.BR package.mask
A list of DEPEND atoms to mask. Useful if specific versions of packages do