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parentBail out immediately if --exclude is given a bad atom. (diff)
Support per-package bashrc files.
Support loading per-package bashrc files from the /etc/portage/env directory. The invidual files should reside in a directory matching ${CATEGORY}, with names matching ${PN}, ${PN}:${SLOT}, ${P} and/or ${PF} (which are applied in that order).
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@@ -59,6 +59,9 @@ package.use
+.BR /etc/portage/env/
+package-specific bashrc files
.BR /etc/portage/profile/
site-specific overrides of \fB/etc/make.profile/\fR
@@ -407,6 +410,8 @@ it were a single file.
If needed, this file can be used to set up a special environment for ebuilds,
different from the standard root environment. The syntax is the same as for
any other bash script.
+Additional package-specific bashrc files can be created in /etc/portage/env.
.BR categories
A simple list of valid categories that may be used in /usr/portage,
@@ -616,6 +621,22 @@ masters = gentoo kde
+.BR /etc/portage/env/
+In this directory additional package-specific bashrc files can be created.
+Portage will source all of them after \fB/etc/portage/bashrc\fR in the following
+order: step 1 1
+.IP \n[step]. 3
+.IP \n+[step].
+.IP \n+[step].
+.IP \n+[step].
.BR /usr/portage/metadata/