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@@ -311,23 +311,23 @@ specified, not the packages themselves.
Instead of actually performing the merge, simply display what *would*
have been installed if \fB\-\-pretend\fR weren't used. Using \fB\-\-pretend\fR
is strongly recommended before installing an unfamiliar package. In
-the printout,
+the printout:
-\fIN\fR = new, (not yet installed)
+\fIN\fR = new (not yet installed)
-\fIS\fR = new, SLOT installation (side-by-side versions)
+\fIS\fR = new SLOT installation (side-by-side versions)
-\fIU\fR = updating, (changing versions)
+\fIU\fR = updating (to another version)
-\fID\fR = downgrade, (Best version seems lower)
+\fID\fR = downgrading (best version seems lower)
-\fIR\fR = replacing, (Remerging same version))
+\fIR\fR = replacing (remerging same version))
-\fIF\fR = fetch restricted, (Manual download)
+\fIF\fR = fetch restricted (must be manually downloaded)
-\fIf\fR = fetch restricted, (Already downloaded)
+\fIf\fR = fetch restricted (already downloaded)
\fIB\fR = blocked by an already installed package