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@@ -282,32 +282,6 @@ If needed, this file can be used to set up a special environment for ebuilds,
different from the standard root environment. The syntax is the same as for
any other bash script.
-.BR use.defaults
-Here we DO NOT define the default USE flags, but the so\-called auto\-USE
-flags. This rather unknown portage feature activates a USE flag if a
-specific package is installed and the flag was not explicitly
-deactivated. This file contains the associations between USE flags and
-packages that trigger the auto\-USE feature.
-In other words, if we never put "sdl" or "\-sdl" into our USE, but we
-have media\-libs/libsdl emerged, then portage automagically sticks "sdl"
-into our USE for us.
-.I Format:
-\- comments begin with #
-\- one USE flag per line with a list of DEPEND atom bases
-.I Example:
-# media\-libs/libsdl will activate "sdl"
-sdl media\-libs/libsdl
-# activate tcltk only if we have both
-# dev\-lang/tcl and dev\-lang/tk
-tcltk dev\-lang/tcl dev\-lang/tk
.BR use.force
Some USE flags don't make sense to disable under certain conditions. Here we
list forced flags.