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* Add a heading for portage-2.1.2.Zac Medico2006-10-071-1/+5
* Add a release note about --with-bdeps.Zac Medico2006-10-071-0/+2
* Move notes about --depclean and --newuse from NEWS to RELEASE-NOTES.Zac Medico2006-09-031-0/+2
* note change in search behavior in release notesMarius Mauch2006-07-151-0/+8
* more fixes to make it sound like I didn't write it at 8:41amAlec Warner2006-06-141-2/+2
* idiot, use.defaults, not make.defaultsAlec Warner2006-06-141-1/+1
* Add autouse removal to RELEASE-NOTESAlec Warner2006-06-141-0/+5
* adding notes about new rsync option handlingMarius Mauch2006-03-191-0/+2
* Fix typo, profile instead of profilesAlec Warner2006-02-231-1/+1
* update release notesAlec Warner2006-02-231-0/+1
* Some news and release notes for 2.1_pre5.Zac Medico2006-02-211-0/+2
* update release notes regarding deprecated stuffMarius Mauch2006-02-191-0/+4
* Add note about --alphabeticalJason Stubbs2006-01-281-0/+3
* convert release notes over to upgrade informationBrian Harring2005-12-251-36/+6
* update with multi-hash stuff and verbose digest errormessages, remove some no...Marius Mauch2005-12-201-8/+4
* add a user-friendly list of changesMarius Mauch2005-12-051-0/+42