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masterAdding some getting started doc to portage multirepoOtavio Pontes10 years
GSOC_ENDportage-multirepo-GSOC_END.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-GSOC_END.tar.bz2  Otavio Pontes10 years
v2.1.8.3portage-multirepo-  portage-multirepo-  Zac Medico11 years
v2.2_rc67portage-multirepo-2.2_rc67.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-2.2_rc67.tar.bz2  Zac Medico11 years
v2.1.8.2portage-multirepo-  portage-multirepo-  Zac Medico11 years
v2.2_rc66portage-multirepo-2.2_rc66.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-2.2_rc66.tar.bz2  Zac Medico11 years
v2.1.8.1portage-multirepo-  portage-multirepo-  Zac Medico11 years
v2.2_rc65portage-multirepo-2.2_rc65.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-2.2_rc65.tar.bz2  Zac Medico11 years
v2.1.8portage-multirepo-2.1.8.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-2.1.8.tar.bz2  Zac Medico11 years
v2.2_rc64portage-multirepo-2.2_rc64.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-2.2_rc64.tar.bz2  Zac Medico11 years
v2.2_rc63portage-multirepo-2.2_rc63.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-2.2_rc63.tar.bz2  Zac Medico11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2006-07-31Allow binary packages to be installed with --usepkg even when there is no ebu...v2.1-r2Zac Medico1-3/+9
2006-07-31Match blockers against the correct $ROOT for bug #108449. This patch is from...Zac Medico1-7/+9
2006-07-31Ignore hidden files and directories in grablines recursion for bug #137607. T...Zac Medico1-4/+6
2006-07-31Update symlinks during package moves for bug #138394. This patch is from tru...Zac Medico1-0/+26
2006-07-31Add a new portageq metadata function that wraps dbapi.aux_get() so that thing...Zac Medico1-0/+30
2006-07-31Don't call emergelog() from the parallel-fetch process for bug #88837. This ...Zac Medico1-1/+4
2006-07-31Don't write to emerge.log when --pretend is enabled for bug #139449. This pa...Zac Medico1-1/+2
2006-07-31Make depclean account for old-style virtuals so that it doesn't remove the pr...Zac Medico1-1/+7
2006-07-31Fix depclean so that it cleans unneeded slots (unless they are exempted by th...Zac Medico1-21/+18
2006-07-31When necessary, always print a list of missing atoms even if --verbose is not...Zac Medico1-3/+4