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masterAdding some getting started doc to portage multirepoOtavio Pontes10 years
GSOC_ENDportage-multirepo-GSOC_END.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-GSOC_END.tar.bz2  Otavio Pontes10 years
v2.1.8.3portage-multirepo-  portage-multirepo-  Zac Medico11 years
v2.2_rc67portage-multirepo-2.2_rc67.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-2.2_rc67.tar.bz2  Zac Medico11 years
v2.1.8.2portage-multirepo-  portage-multirepo-  Zac Medico11 years
v2.2_rc66portage-multirepo-2.2_rc66.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-2.2_rc66.tar.bz2  Zac Medico11 years
v2.1.8.1portage-multirepo-  portage-multirepo-  Zac Medico11 years
v2.2_rc65portage-multirepo-2.2_rc65.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-2.2_rc65.tar.bz2  Zac Medico11 years
v2.1.8portage-multirepo-2.1.8.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-2.1.8.tar.bz2  Zac Medico11 years
v2.2_rc64portage-multirepo-2.2_rc64.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-2.2_rc64.tar.bz2  Zac Medico11 years
v2.2_rc63portage-multirepo-2.2_rc63.tar.gz  portage-multirepo-2.2_rc63.tar.bz2  Zac Medico11 years
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2009-01-14Fix repoman conditionals inside _expand_new_virtuals() to usev2.1.6.6Zac Medico1-3/+2
2009-01-14Add some more variables to config._env_blacklist to ensure that they neverZac Medico1-3/+6
2009-01-14Make sure spawn() always initializes opt_name because later code assumes that...Zac Medico1-0/+3
2009-01-14In spawn(), put the full cpv in opt_name, instead of just $PF. Thanks toZac Medico1-1/+2
2009-01-14Bug #254825 - Add a note about the need to use `ebuild --force <ebuild file>Zac Medico1-0/+5
2009-01-14Inside digestgen(), don't unnecessarily call fetch() in cases when the thereZac Medico1-1/+6
2009-01-14Bug #254825 - Improve messages that are displayed when manifest generationZac Medico1-11/+40
2009-01-14Bug #254860 - Add another missing str -> atom conversion insideZac Medico1-1/+1
2009-01-14Use a new 'usersync' feature to control dropping of privileges for --sync,Zac Medico2-1/+6
2009-01-14Bug #254860 - Inside _expand_new_virtuals(), generate instances of AtomZac Medico1-3/+4