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Adjust news and notes for 2.2 features that are included in 2.1.6.
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Release Notes; upgrade information mainly.
Features/major bugfixes are listed in NEWS
* The python namespace for portage has been sanitized, all portage related code
@@ -15,20 +15,8 @@ portage-2.2
For packages that don't specify any other KEYWORDS you can use the new ** token
as documented in portage(5) to disable KEYWORDS filtering completely.
* Portage now warns if an ebuild repository does not have a name, as several new
- features in 2.2 make use of or require named repositories. The repository name
+ features in 2.1.6 make use of or require named repositories. The repository name
is stored in profiles/repo_name in each repository.
-* Package set support: There are several important notes regarding package sets:
- - setnames have to be prefixed with @ (exceptions: 'world' and 'system' can be
- used without the prefix)
- - they may currently only include simple and versioned atoms or other sets, use
- conditionals or any-of constructs aren't possible yet
- - sets can be referenced either in other file-based sets or as argument to emerge, but
- not in ebuilds, config files or other tools at this time.
- - packages won't be unmerged if they are referenced by an installed package
- set (with the exception of the world set, and installed being determined
- by the world_sets file).
-* "world" does no longer include "system" unconditionally, but you can add
- "@system" to the world_sets file to restore the old state.