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* Bug #222091 - Filter out any instances of the \1 character from variableZac Medico2008-09-011-2/+7
* Fix var_assign_re to recognize a call to the 'declare' builtin even whenZac Medico2008-03-091-1/+1
* Remove egrep syntax emulation since it's not really needed.Zac Medico2008-03-061-16/+2
* Implement the sed-based declare -r filter in python.Zac Medico2008-03-061-0/+13
* Move the variable name validation regexes (for bug 211949) intoZac Medico2008-03-061-2/+8
* Update the description to reflect the new meaning of PATTERN.Zac Medico2008-03-051-3/+4
* Pass a space-separated list of variables into andZac Medico2008-03-051-1/+2
* Fix have_end_quote() to compare the quote against the correct group.Zac Medico2008-03-051-1/+1
* Handle multi-line quoted variable assignments.Zac Medico2008-03-051-8/+37
* Update description to reflect the new meaning of the PATTERN argument.Zac Medico2008-03-051-1/+2
* Implement variable assignment handling in python so that we can eventuallyZac Medico2008-03-051-2/+10
* Fix func_start_re so that it requires at least one alphanumeric character.Zac Medico2008-03-041-1/+1
* Tighten the funct_start_re so that it doesn't match leading whitespaceZac Medico2008-03-041-1/+1
* Add support for idendification of function definitions since it's neededZac Medico2008-03-041-2/+18
* Bug #211949 - As suggested by vapier, tighten the variable filter to alsoZac Medico2008-03-021-0/+1
* Bug #202068 - In order to filter unwanted variable assignments outZac Medico2007-12-131-0/+52