Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* build: fix misc issues found on LinuxFabian Groffen2019-03-191-0/+2
* build: add gnulib sourcesFabian Groffen2019-03-191-2/+9
* libq: standardise buildFabian Groffen2019-03-181-8/+19
* rm_rf_at: ensure return code makes sensev0.74Fabian Groffen2018-12-201-4/+4
* rm_rf: make shallow wrapper around rm_rf_atFabian Groffen2018-12-201-12/+1
* rm_rf_at: remove the object path points toFabian Groffen2018-12-201-1/+3
* rm_rf_at: fix recurse logic for non-LinuxFabian Groffen2017-12-281-2/+8
* drop _q_static and standardize func prototypes a bitMike Frysinger2016-12-281-6/+12
* start some likely/unlikely helpersMike Frysinger2016-12-281-1/+1
* mkdir: add a mkdir_p_at helperMike Frysinger2015-02-221-4/+8
* start using O_PATHMike Frysinger2014-02-161-0/+1
* disable rmdir_r for now as no one uses itMike Frysinger2013-04-301-0/+2
* expose the recursive deleters with *at style funcsMike Frysinger2011-03-021-6/+11
* add a helper to prune empty dir treesMike Frysinger2011-03-021-0/+21
* optimize a bit, and make sure we dont need a trailing slash for the last dir ...Mike Frysinger2011-03-021-2/+10
* replace `rm -rf` shells with an internal rm_rf(), and add support for running...Mike Frysinger2011-02-231-0/+79