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* Default to /run/postgresqlpatches-8.4Aaron W. Swenson2013-02-082-2/+2
* Socket directory can be /run or /var/run now.Aaron W. Swenson2011-11-302-2/+2
* bool.patch to fix PPC{,64} defining it to . . . something. pg_ctl-exit-status...Aaron W. Swenson2011-08-012-0/+23
* Split out ldflags patchAaron W. Swenson2011-03-201-10/+0
* split out ldflags patchAaron W. Swenson2011-03-201-0/+9
* Don't really need the postgresql-${SLOT} in the name of the files.Aaron W. Swenson2011-03-206-0/+0
* Added LDFLAGS fix.Aaron W. Swenson2011-03-201-0/+9
* Initial commit of 8.4 patchesAaron W. Swenson2011-03-206-0/+450
* Initial commit. README describes repository layout.Aaron W. Swenson2011-03-191-0/+22