BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFinal CommitAaron W. Swenson22 months
initscriptsReplace /usr/lib with /usr/@LIBDIR@Mike Gilbert5 years
initscripts-pre92Add systemd files.Aaron W. Swenson5 years
patches-9.3Update for beta2.Aaron W. Swenson5 years
patches-9.4Update for 9.3.Aaron W. Swenson6 years
patches-8.3Default to /run/postgresqlAaron W. Swenson6 years
patches-8.4Default to /run/postgresqlAaron W. Swenson6 years
patches-9.0Default to /run/postgresql.Aaron W. Swenson6 years
patches-9.1Default to /run/postgresql.Aaron W. Swenson6 years
patches-9.2Default to /run/postgresql.Aaron W. Swenson6 years
patches-8.2Socket directory can be /run or /var/run now.Aaron W. Swenson7 years
documentationFixed pg_upgrade instructionsAaron W. Swenson7 years