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+# PostgreSQL's Database Directory
+# PostgreSQL User
+# PostgreSQL Group
+# Extra options to run postmaster with
+# -N is the maximal number of client connections
+# -B is the number of shared buffers and has to be at least 2x the value for -N
+# Please read the man-page to postmaster for more options. Many of these options
+# can be set directly in the configuration-file.
+PGOPTS="-N 512 -B 1024"
+# The server will receive 3 signals in the worst case:
+# This signals the server to ignore new connections and to
+# wait for all clients to end their transactions before shutting down.
+# Use WAIT_FOR_DISCONNECT to control how much time the clients
+# should have until the next signal is being sent.
+# 2. SIGINT
+# Tell the server to forcefully disconnect all clients.
+# Terminating a client results in a rollback of the open transactions for this client.
+# Use WAIT_FOR_CLEANUP to determine how much time the server has
+# for cleanup. (Set it to "forever" if you want to wait forever.)
+# This will terminate the server immediately and results in a recovery run for the next start.
+# Wait for clients to disconnect (seconds or "forever")
+# Time the server has to clean up (seconds or "forever")
+# If you have to export environment variables for the database process,
+# this can be done here.
+# Example:
+# export R_HOME="/usr/lib/R"