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+Are you interested in maintaning this driver directly yourself in the new
+printer-drivers overlay [1]?
+If yes, just send me via personal e-mail at
+a public ssh key [2], so we can give you git push access to the overlay.
+If you have a gnupg key, you should sign that e-mail [3].
+Just a few rules:
+* Initially, the ebuilds should work for you, and not break
+ anything else.
+* You enter yourself as maintainer in metadata.xml (together with
+ the printing herd), and are then automatically cc'ed in bug reports
+ on bugzilla.
+* We will guide you towards improving the ebuilds over the next
+ months so they follow the rules and qa guidelines of the Gentoo
+ main portage tree. In particular this means also using a recent
+ EAPI (3 or perferably 4), and fixing repoman warnings [4].
+ Don't worry, we'll help you with that.
+* I hope this is never going to happen, but... ebuilds that "work but
+ go against the guidelines" and do not see any improvement will be
+ removed again one year after initial addition.
+There are many ways to get help.
+* You can directly ask me by personal e-mail (my time is limited,
+ but I'll try),
+* you can ask on freenode, channel #gentoo-dev-help,
+* you can read the documentation (ebuild howto [5], devmanual [6]),
+* ...