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+This package contains 'rpm2targz', a simple utility to convert Red Hat-style
+RPM packages into standard tar.gz archives. Converted binary packages can then
+be installed/removed using the 'installpkg/removepkg' commands, or 'pkgtool'.
+It's advisable to at least examine the converted package with 'less' to make
+sure it won't do anything too crazy to your system.
+By default, rpm2targz will attempt to use "file" to detect source RPMS, and will
+put the contents into a subdirectory in the resulting package. This may not be
+portable to other operating systems -- if you're trying to run rpm2targz on an
+OS that doesn't have a file that knows RPM types, and you care about this source
+RPM feature, you can compile and install David Cantrell's standalone getrpmtype
+utility. The getrpmtype.tar.gz source archive can be found in Slackware's
+source tree in source/a/bin/.