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parenttests: always bubble up exit code regardless of log existence (diff)
TODO: drop old entries, and add logging ones
Signed-off-by: Mike Frysinger <vapier@gentoo.org>
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try out tracing on *BSD and Solaris
-add tests for tracing static binaries
trace static children of static children
-inject errors into trace when violation occurs rather than kill the child
cache results of filesystem checks
review erealpath vs realpath usage
-add tests to make sure errno is saved/restored properly
wrappers for execl{,l,p} ... unfortunately, we'll probably have to basically
reimplement the functions (building up argv[] and then call the execv* ver)
@@ -25,5 +19,9 @@ threaded apps conflict with shared state:
- trace_pid
- etc...
+handle multiple processing writing to log simultaneously
+ - could move log to a fifo that the main sandbox process would consume
+ - not that big of a deal as log generally only gets written with failures
doesnt seem to work quite right:
echo $(./vfork-0 ./mkdir_static-0 2>&1)