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* TODO: note more work needed for message frameworkMike Frysinger2013-03-031-0/+13
* libsandbox: fix early var initMike Frysinger2013-02-241-0/+2
* TODO: drop old entries, and add logging onesMike Frysinger2012-06-231-6/+4
* tests: fix vfork-1 failurev2.1Mike Frysinger2009-08-251-0/+3
* libsandbox: force lock sanity across forksMike Frysinger2009-04-051-0/+6
* libsandbox: initial support for tracing of static binaries via ptrace()Mike Frysinger2009-03-181-3/+9
* libsandbox: add an eqawarn() funcMike Frysinger2009-03-181-0/+6
* libsandbox: add more exec wrappersMike Frysinger2009-03-111-5/+2
* TODO: add more todoMike Frysinger2008-11-171-0/+6
* TODO: add more itemsMike Frysinger2008-11-161-0/+4
* TODO: start a TODOMike Frysinger2008-11-161-0/+1