Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* define AT_FDCWD for older systemsMike Frysinger2008-12-231-0/+7
* handle MAP_ANON on *BSD systemsMike Frysinger2008-12-231-0/+4
* cleanup whitespace and comments -- no functional changesMike Frysinger2008-11-091-1/+0
* More changes to try and resolve OSes with generic getcwd() implementations.Martin Schlemmer2005-12-051-0/+8
* Also add weak symbols.Martin Schlemmer2005-12-051-0/+2
* Remove the SB_STATIC and including of getcwd.c, etc voodoo, as we new use aMartin Schlemmer2005-12-011-6/+0
* Fix non-versioned libc's to also prepend '__' to internal symbols by usingMartin Schlemmer2005-12-011-6/+11
* Use versioned symbols on supported libc's for functions we wrap, as well asMartin Schlemmer2005-11-301-4/+6
* Move dlvsym define. Add symbol_version macros.Martin Schlemmer2005-11-301-0/+10
* dont define BROKEN_RTLD_NEXT in uClibcMike Frysinger2005-05-021-1/+1
* Make sure all functions used in libsandbox.c is declared static. DefineMartin Schlemmer2005-04-231-0/+6
* turn create-localdecls into semi-autotooledMike Frysinger2004-12-021-0/+43