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@@ -38,8 +38,12 @@ First clone the overlay
hub clone gentoo-science/sci
+In order to send pull request and ask for inclusion of your changes you need to have your own fork of the overlay on github. You can do this by
cd sci
+ hub fork
+Now you are ready to start your work.
It is always convenient for development as well as for the review and merging process, if the development is done in branches.
@@ -56,13 +60,50 @@ Once *all* reported problems are resolved, you can commit it
echangelog "Here we write a comprehensible ChangeLog message"
repoman -m "Here we write a comprehensible commit message" commit
+Next we push back the changes to our fork and send a pull-request to the overlay maintainers.
+ hub pull-request
+Lastly you need to wait for review comments and the merge of your work. In case you need to include some improvements, just commit your work again using repoman and push it again to your fork.
##For Maintainers
+**The merging of pull request should only be done by gentoo developers.**
+If you feel that they are slacking, don't bother to ping them again.
+Make sure you have both repos (github & gentoo.org) as remotes defined.
+ git remote -v
+should give
+> github git@github.com:gentoo-science/sci.git (fetch)
+> github git@github.com:gentoo-science/sci.git (push)
+> origin git+ssh://git@git.overlays.gentoo.org/proj/sci.git (fetch)
+> origin git+ssh://git@git.overlays.gentoo.org/proj/sci.git (push)
+In the beginning you should review the pull request on github directly and recommend as much improvements as possible. Once everything is fine or you like to fix the rest yourself, you can use the follow command to get the pull-request in a new branch in you repo.
+ hub checkout https://github.com/gentoo-science/sci/pull/176
+Now check the package by building and installing it, and run *repoman* in the package dir. If this is also fine, merge the branch into the master
+ git checkout master
+ git merge USER-BRANCH
+Finally use the script **merge-dualHEAD** from the *scripts* directory to merge the github and gentoo.org remote repo.
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