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authorJustin Lecher <jlec@gentoo.org>2016-11-26 12:09:42 +0100
committerJustin Lecher <jlec@gentoo.org>2016-11-26 12:09:42 +0100
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parentsci-libs/arrayfire: Get googletest from github, fix glew slot dependency (diff)
Update local USE description
Signed-off-by: Justin Lecher <jlec@gentoo.org>
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diff --git a/profiles/use.local.desc b/profiles/use.local.desc
index 0685998c7..0f2c81bad 100644
--- a/profiles/use.local.desc
+++ b/profiles/use.local.desc
@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ sci-libs/arrayfire:graphics - Build with Forge graphics.
sci-libs/arrayfire:nonfree - Build ArrayFire nonfree algorithms.
sci-libs/arrayfire:opencl - Build OpenCL backend.
sci-libs/arrayfire:unified - Build Backend-Independent API.
-sci-libs/asl:matio - Matlab support with sci-libs/matio
+sci-libs/asl:matlab - Matlab support with sci-libs/matio
sci-libs/atlas:deprecated - Build deprecated routines
sci-libs/atlas:generic - Build atlas assuming a fairly generic architecture (sse2 for x86, core2 for amd64)
sci-libs/atlas:ifko - Use iFKO to improve ATLAS performance (ATTENTION!!! Increases builtime enormously)
@@ -257,20 +257,6 @@ sci-libs/trilinos:taucs - Add support for taucs (sci-libs/taucs)
sci-libs/trilinos:tbb - Add support for threading building blocks library (dev-cpp/tbb)
sci-libs/trilinos:tvmet - Add support for tvmet (dev-libs/tvmet)
sci-libs/trilinos:yaml - Add support for yaml (dev-cpp/yaml)
-sci-libs/vtk:R - Enable support for dev-lang/R
-sci-libs/vtk:all-modules - Build all modules
-sci-libs/vtk:boost - Add support for boost
-sci-libs/vtk:cg - Use nvidia's cg shaders
-sci-libs/vtk:gdal - Support for gdal formated data
-sci-libs/vtk:imaging - Building Imaging modules
-sci-libs/vtk:json - Support for json formated data
-sci-libs/vtk:kaapi - Use sci-libs/xkaapi to handle smp support
-sci-libs/vtk:offscreen - Offscreen rendering through OSMesa
-sci-libs/vtk:rendering - Building Redering modules
-sci-libs/vtk:tbb - Use dev-cpp/tbb to handle smp support
-sci-libs/vtk:views - Building Views modules
-sci-libs/vtk:web - Install web component
-sci-libs/vtk:xdmf2 - Support for xdmf2 formated data
sci-libs/xblas:int64 - Build the 64 bits integer library
sci-mathematics/Macaulay2:optimization - Disable to build with -O0 for debugging.
sci-mathematics/acl2:books - build community books, the canonical collection of open-source libraries