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# By TheChymera # Via Justin (1) and TheChymera (1) * 'master' of github.com:gentoo-science/sci: Inherited gnome2-utils and called cache update from pkg_postrm as well used gnome2-utils.eclass function instead of touch to update cache replaced src_install with python_install_all Corrected source repository Had been changed for testing. Added pkg_postinst() in order to refresh the timestamp and make the desktop environment regenerate the chace - otherwise the icon doesn't show up appropriately Added src_install() script to make a launcher and assign an icon to it. Fperms instead of Chmod Added run permissions for the package's executable file Also upgraded to distutils-r1 and made other minor improvements to python-related metadata Executable priviledges for /app/psychopyApp.py Also generally improved 9999 build (many thanks to prometheanfire from #gentoo-dev-help!)
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