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DIST xnec2c-1.3.tar.bz2 560549 RMD160 d4f7ca4256f1f92c39d91d45e9b7017582efac0c SHA1 98d7445aacc978ab5e0185ddfdcd0704288139de SHA256 586f7d8922585aa7fb062a0ed3ce24857a0bc4604f092957ae86f1f24b44a5e3
EBUILD xnec2c-1.3.ebuild 786 RMD160 b99d581cbb2f86b4c400a91695e7eb65d1a9cd86 SHA1 4d446f1f663c078dd63508fb0829fcedbfd3d54e SHA256 4d31637a7863606b0ed2996601d437a77c63723386b4bcbe6edb3972e7cf90ca
-MISC ChangeLog 122 RMD160 62ae54a4ccecad67a6052b6db6374b1295862702 SHA1 6d2bd120723cc97a6c96cb9a5a8bbc909dfe5138 SHA256 8f6a7c462df446f1d57a0e56bd6acbd7120261c3fc36f8e0c75b4947efe55d0c
-MISC metadata.xml 264 RMD160 c18691ede0638d84d403a299585ade716bd0fafc SHA1 f57db69c19e5285a70c2baf5c502915d48e6e1c7 SHA256 6ffc0207a75a4eeea2c87b6ff9c0281b38a9444c834b115357e034bcc343c4a0
+MISC ChangeLog 349 RMD160 e8ecfc3e5fdff1bbffba45ce0ca36e411872b247 SHA1 7822c4dcfbeb06325191983f17c1145fb1ef8c85 SHA256 da77084d4921af0514f59f8f13bdef1d372aac95cf0941de33ed3d78789cd88c
+MISC metadata.xml 1391 RMD160 2b0f8b9b990ad556aafdde0e7fef7c5bf45c6bb2 SHA1 2f0bde8a7ad1979876914c93161a37835626ffc6 SHA256 200ed2065aff1ebac0f24fbf818adf06aceac4adc9f100dcefc255ab0ea21644
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<name>Thomas Beierlein</name>
+ <longdescription>
+ xnec2c is a GTK+ graphical interactive version of nec2c. It incorporates
+ the nec2c core which it uses for reading input files and calculating
+ output data, but it does not need and indeed does not produce an output
+ file by default. Since xnec2c incorporates the nec2c core, it has access
+ to all internal buffers, including structure data, frequency-related
+ data (structure currents, input impedance, gain etc) and radiation
+ pattern data (for the far field and near field). It therefore has the
+ ability to graphically display user-requested data directly, as the
+ frequency loop progresses or after input from the user. Graphs of
+ frequency-related data and the current or charge distribution evolve as
+ the frequency loop progresses, and radiation patterns (far and near
+ field) are sequentially drawn for each frequency step. A new frequency
+ can be entered by the user from spin buttons in the main or radiation
+ pattern windows or by clicking on the graphs of frequency-related data.
+ New output data are then computed and displayed in text and graphical
+ form.
+ </longdescription>