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To start using the overlay you now only need to get the ebuilds, via `emerge --sync`.
+### BLAS and LAPACK Migration
+There is a long-standing BLAS and LAPACK stack incompatibility between the Science Overlay and the Base Gentoo Overlay.
+A fix [is being considered](https://github.com/gentoo/sci/issues/805), bit is still not scheduled for implementation.
+In the mean time, the most automated and up-to-date solution (building on [the original one](https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/User_talk:Houseofsuns)) is to run:
+wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/IBT-FMI/NeuroGentooProject/master/SharedPrefix/sci-lapack
+wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/IBT-FMI/NeuroGentooProject/master/SharedPrefix/lapack-migration.sh
### Uninstall
To uninstall the overlay run (again, as root):