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@@ -44,11 +44,6 @@ dev-util/amdapp:examples - Build the OpenCL example programs
dev-util/nvidia-cuda-gdk:healthmon - Install nvidia-healthmon.
dev-util/nvidia-cuda-gdk:nvml - Install the NVIDIA Managment Library.
dev-util/nvidia-cuda-gdk:nvvs - Install the NVIDIA Validation Suite.
-dev-util/nvidia-cuda-sdk:cuda - Build CUDA binaries.
-dev-util/nvidia-cuda-sdk:opencl - Build OpenCL binaries.
-dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit:debugger - Installs the CUDA debugger.
-dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit:eclipse - Install plugins for eclipse
-dev-util/nvidia-cuda-toolkit:profiler - Installs the NVIDIA CUDA visual profiler.
media-gfx/brlcad:benchmarks - Run benchmarks during test phase (need test option enabled)
media-gfx/librecad:3d - Require all 2D coordinates stored as 3D
media-gfx/librecad:tools - Build additional tool programs: tff2lff