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- It provides an easy-to-use graph data structure together with several
- operations and algorithms over graphs, in Graph.Pack. It is a reasonably
- efficient imperative data structure for directed graphs with vertices
- and edges labeled with integers. Several other graph implementations
- are proposed for those not satisfied with the one above. Some are
- persistent (imutable) and other imperative (mutable). Some are directed
- and other are not. Some have labels for vertices, or labels for edges,
- or both. Some have abstract types for vertices. etc. These
- implementations are written as functors: you give the types of vertices
- labels, edge labels, etc. and you get the data structure as a result.
- it also provides several classic operations and algorithms over graphs.
- They are also written as functors i.e. independently of the data
- structure for graphs. One consequence is that you can define your own
- data structure for graphs and yet re-use all the algorithms from this
- library: you only need to provide a few operations such as iterating
- over all vertices, over the successors of a vertex, etc.