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-<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
-<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "http://www.gentoo.org/dtd/metadata.dtd">
- <maintainer type="person">
- <email>gentoo@chymera.eu</email>
- <name>Horea Christian</name>
- </maintainer>
- <maintainer type="project">
- <email>sci@gentoo.org</email>
- <name>Gentoo Science Project</name>
- </maintainer>
- <longdescription lang="en">
- This package distributes backends extracted from the main Python keyring
- project to make them available for those who wish to employ them, but
- are discouraged for general production use. Include this module and use
- its backends at your own risk.
- For example, the PlaintextKeyring stores passwords in plain text on the
- file system, defeating the intended purpose of this library to encourage
- best practices for security.
- </longdescription>
- <upstream>
- <remote-id type="github">jaraco/keyrings.alt</remote-id>
- </upstream>