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diff --git a/dev-vcs/mercurial-server/mercurial-server-1.0.1.ebuild b/dev-vcs/mercurial-server/mercurial-server-1.0.1.ebuild
index fa4b18f45..457fb68dc 100644
--- a/dev-vcs/mercurial-server/mercurial-server-1.0.1.ebuild
+++ b/dev-vcs/mercurial-server/mercurial-server-1.0.1.ebuild
@@ -45,11 +45,11 @@ pkg_postinst() {
#Parts could be done automatically, but maybe there is a user hg
elog "This seem to be a first time install, things you may want to do"
elog "-Add your public ssh key to root key folder"
- elog " sudo cp ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub ${EROOT}etc/mercurial-server/keys/root/\${USER}"
+ elog " su -c \"cp ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub ${EROOT}etc/mercurial-server/keys/root/\${USER}\""
elog "-Create hgadmin repo"
- elog " sudo -H -u hg ${EROOT}usr/share/mercurial-server/init/hginit ${EROOT}usr/share/mercurial-server"
+ elog " su - hg -c \"${EROOT}usr/share/mercurial-server/init/hginit ${EROOT}usr/share/mercurial-server\""
elog "-Init hg's ssh authorized_keys file"
- elog " sudo -H -u hg ${EROOT}usr/share/mercurial-server/refresh-auth"
+ elog " su - hg -c \"${EROOT}usr/share/mercurial-server/refresh-auth\""
elog "-Clone hgadmin repo"
elog " hg clone ssh://hg@localhost/hgadmin hgadmin"
elog "-Start administration"