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# Copyright 1999-2013 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
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+*freeon-1.0 (17 Sep 2013)
+ 17 Sep 2013; Nicolas Bock <nicolasbock@gmail.com> +freeon-1.0.ebuild,
+ freeon-9999.ebuild:
+ sci-chemistry/freeon-1.0 Version bump. The versioning scheme changed from a
+ date based version to a more common versioning scheme. Portage considers the
+ latest release, 1.0, to be a downgrade. I masked the older versions to every
+ so gently suggest an upgrade. The live version's URI is fixed now, the code
+ moved from savannah to github, and it is slotted to "live" so that both live
+ and release versions can be installed simulataneously.
16 Sep 2013; Nicolas Bock <nicolasbock@gmail.com> freeon-2013.09.16.ebuild:
sci-chemistry/freeon-2013.09.16: Removed dependency on sys-libs/zlib. This
dependency should come in through hdf5.