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+# Copyright 1999-2008 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
+# $Header: $
+21 May 2008; Daniel Tourde <daniel.tourde@caelae.se>
+ Initial import.
+ +salome-pycalculator-3.2.6.ebuild, +salome-pycalculator-3.2.6.patch
+ A major thank to Francois Dorin <f.dorin@free.fr>, Jon Hood <squinky86@gmail.com>, Dewald Pietersen <dewald.pieterse@gmail.com>, <etienne.lorriaux@gmail.com> and Richard Westwell <garlicbread@ntlworld.com> for their respective contributions and feedback. Without you guys, the Salome ebuilds would not exist today. Thanks!
+ See bug #155974 for more info \ No newline at end of file